Our future path

It has taken us several years and a tremendous capital investment to bring our products to their current status.  During that time, we have performed extensive trials, which led to continual system upgrades and enhancements.  This wide-ranging quality assurance and commitment to excellence effort has enabled our systems to achieve cutting-edge capabilities. With the exception of the final production of My Medication Station, we are prepared to act on our national roll out.

The vision we have for bringing our products to market is straightforward.  We seek to affiliate with a health care-related company with a national presence.  Further, the alliance requires an organization to have an infrastructure in place: one that would logically benefit from the addition of our offerings. A company rendering home health services or a hospital network would be ideal affiliates.

A firm participating with us would experience multiple benefits.  Several are:

  • The ability to create entirely new income streams that ARE NOT patient care related and DO NOT require the addition of new staff, services or equipment
  • The ability to raise patient census
  • The opportunity to become an industry leader in medication management assistance
  • The ability to enhance goodwill among patients and industry colleagues

We are flexible with the type of alliance we establish.  All avenues of participation are on the table.  This includes making our technology proprietary to the venturing entity.

We have established late summer of 2020 as our target time line to begin our alliance quest.  We hope to complete an affiliation by year’s end.