Averlent Products to View

Our technology suite currently consists of five products, which are classified into one of two categories.  The first category is medication management and includes The Medication Manager; My Medication Station and Mobile MedNurse.  Mobile MedNurse is supported by our field mobile app, All-Link.  The second category is outreach and engagement and includes LifePatient and Safety Notice.

Each of our products are flexible, powerful and have two common traits: They are effective and easy to use. We offer both internet-based technology and mobile application-based systems. We currently have three patents pending for our technology.

As documented in our mission statement, we are focused on developing technology that creates a healthier population. Simply put, our products have been created as solutions to challenges virtually every person will encounter during the aging process.

A common theme associated with our products is the ability to engage an individual’s family members in the quest to achieve positive outcomes.  We view the family as an exceptionally powerful support mechanism, and have introduced unique platforms for collaboration and assistance. We make difficult tasks easy and proudly deliver “peace of mind” to all involved.

Our products are always evolving. We continuously utilize feedback to enhance the user experience. When we hear what the industry wants, we make it happen. The system suggestions we have received to date contribute significantly to our technology’s ease of use. A summary of our products can be found below:

  • The Medication Manager

    The Medication Manager

    The Medication Manager is the flagship “technology” component of our medication management system. Its wide-ranging features create peace of mind...

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  • Mobile MedNurse

    Mobile MedNurse

    Mobile MedNurse is the “human” component of our medication management system. This at-home service is for those that need a...

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  • All-Link


    All-Link is the field support technology used in Mobile MedNurse patient encounters.  The combination of the Mobile MedNurse platform and...

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  • My Medication Station

    My Medication Station

    My Medication Station is the “hardware” component of our medication management system. It eliminates the confusion of multiple pill bottles...

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  • LifePatient


    LifePatient is the leader of our outreach and engagement offering.  It is a fully-automated system that acts as the glue...

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  • Safety Notice

    Safety Notice

    Safety Notice was our company’s first system and is part of our outreach and engagement offering. The unique platform enables...

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