Averlent Products to ViewThe Averlent Technology Suite currently consists of five products. Each product is flexible, powerful and has two common traits: They are effective and easy to use. We offer both internet-based technology and mobile application-based systems.

As documented in our mission statement, we are focused on creating technology that makes life better for seniors, their families and the companies that render services to them. Accordingly, some of our systems are for personal use by individuals, while others are created for businesses to employ in their daily operations. Whereas these are two vastly different arenas, we bring them together for the “greater good” to help seniors age gracefully and with dignity.

Our company was formed because our founder experienced significant challenges in helping his senior mother with her health care. This first-hand experience set the stage for our products’ development. Simply put, our products have been created as “solutions” to challenges virtually every person and family will encounter during the aging process.

From an individual’s and family member’s perspective, our technology delivers a better quality of life. We view the family as an exceptionally powerful support mechanism for a senior, and create unique platforms for collaboration and assistance. We make difficult tasks easy and proudly deliver “peace of mind.”

The solutions we bring to companies means enhanced productivity and profitability en route to achieving corporate goals. Each of our business products can be used as a stand-alone system or as a “plug in” to a firm’s existing IT platform. Further, they are scalable and an exceptional value.

Our products are always evolving. We continuously utilize feedback from our clients to enhance the user experience. When we hear what the industry wants, we make it happen. The system suggestions made by clients contributes significantly to our technology’s ease of use.

We are extremely proud of the Averlent Technology Suite products and look forward to demonstrating them to you.  Schedule a demonstration