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The Medication Manager

The Medication Manager is the flagship “technology” component of our medication management system. Its wide-ranging features create peace of mind by letting an individual automate almost every aspect of their or a love one’s medication administration. The system is easy to use. Interestingly, it was uniquely designed to help those with no computer skills or smart...
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Mobile MedNurse

Mobile MedNurse is the “human” component of our medication management system. This at-home service is for those that need a little extra personal help to ensure their medication management needs are met. Visits can be scheduled on a recurring basis or on an as-needed basis. The base visit time is 15 minutes, but can be...
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All-Link is the field support technology used in Mobile MedNurse patient encounters.  The combination of the Mobile MedNurse platform and the All-Link mobile application generates three main functions:
  1. Creating a platform where individuals seeking medication support can meet nurses who deliver service in their area
  2. Providing uniform visit delivery standards and guidance to ensure exemplary...
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My Medication Station

My Medication Station is the “hardware” component of our medication management system. It eliminates the confusion of multiple pill bottles and enables an individual to organize all of their medications into a single location and simply access them from one easy-to-operate device. My Medication Station is a smart, electronic dispenser that houses a week’s supply of...
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LifePatient is the leader of our outreach and engagement offering.  It is a fully-automated system that acts as the glue to maintain the relationship between patients, their families, referring physicians and the providers rendering services. It keeps the communication line open between the parties for future care needs, support and guidance. It was developed to...
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Safety Notice

Safety Notice was our company’s first system and is part of our outreach and engagement offering. The unique platform enables third-party providers to effectively communicate with absentee family members each time they interact with a patient. Safety Notice truly means safety for patients and peace of mind for family members....
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