National Medication Management Initiative

We are extremely proud to be the catalyst behind the National Medication Management Initiative!

Medication mismanagement is a leading cause of health problems and hospital admissions. To play a role in helping individuals avoid the negative consequences surrounding inaccurate medication intake, we have embarked on a bold and rewarding effort: to foster medication compliance by giving every primary care physician (PCP) in the country the ability to provide his or her patients a personal, electronic medication management system free of charge. Further, we privately label the system for the physician’s practice in order to maintain the continuity that has been created within the physician/patient relationship.

Whereas the medication management system we have developed for physicians to provide to their patients includes state-of-the-art technology, it was actually designed for those who do not use a computer or mobile technology. The revolutionary Support Team feature enables any individual with a vested interest in the patient’s well being to help in the medication administration process. This is especially helpful for senior citizens, as it allows for collaboration between family members to assist their senior loved ones.

The Support Team feature, along with the system’s direct link to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) medication database and the comprehensive medication interaction notification tool, combine with its mainstream components to provide patients with a truly powerful way to manage their medication adherence. The system literally enables anybody to become an “expert medication administrator.”

It is truly an honor for us to work with the visionary physicians who participate in the National Medication Management Initiative. Our ability to assist physicians in providing their patients access to a comprehensive medication compliance system, which generates enhanced patient outcomes, is something we are very proud to offer.

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