Hospital Readmission Mitigation

hospital admissionWe have created a truly unique platform for assisting hospitals with readmission mitigation and enhancing patient outcomes, while simultaneously helping them achieve unparalleled patient satisfaction.

One of a hospital’s most formidable challenges is eliminating what the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services calls “avoidable readmissions.” It is an amazing number, but government statistics point out that approximately one in five senior patients returns to the hospital within 30 days of discharge. Further, the annual costs of these readmissions exceed $25 billion.

Avoidable readmissions are problematic for both patients and hospitals. The patient’s health risk is obviously at the forefront. Additionally, health insurers, including Medicare, financially penalize hospitals that have high readmission rates for certain conditions. Therefore, both parties benefit from a platform that augments a smooth “hospital to home” transition.

There is no single stand-alone solution that will solve the avoidable readmission problem. The solution lies in a defined care continuum of health care professionals using the proper tools for the condition. That’s where Averlent enters the picture. We supply the technological tools to help patients and hospitals with compliance and problem resolution issues.

Our software systems are primarily utilized in the post-discharge arena. The core services provide for:

  • Medication management and intake compliance
  • Enhanced interaction between the hospital, patient and the patient’s physician to
    ensure positive outcomes and early identification of potential complications
  • Ongoing support and relationship building between the hospital, the patient and
    the patient’s family members

Hospitals play a major role in the well being of America. We are proud to say our technology delivers a meaningful contribution to a hospital’s elite position in society.