Streamline Crucial Aspects of Care

Products Helping Seniors with Dignified Aging

With so many products for the promotion of dignified aging, it can be difficult to keep track of new developments and technologies. Two products are currently available from the Averlent Corporation that streamline crucial aspects of care. These products are designed to make things easier for both the families of the individual receiving care, and also for those who work in the home care industry.

The first product is LifePatient.  It is the most prolific tool for census building currently offered to the home care industry. This system gives agencies the opportunity to become a crucial element to keep patients, family members and referrals connected to one another in the most productive fashion possible. Utilizing both live and automated platforms, LifePatient works to establish and then nurture relationships between all of the individuals and groups interested in the well being of an aging individual.  Integrated with a dynamic element of interaction, LifePatient promises to optimize productivity on a variety of important levels.

The second product is The Medication Manager.  Its purpose is to make it easy for dignified aging via adherence to all of an individual’s medication needs. Offering a unique collaborative assistance model, The Medication Manager is a straightforward platform that allows everyone to ensure a patient’s medication needs are compliant and up to date.  This product is internet based and also utilizes a mobile app. These are two excellent examples of the developments that are being made for the home care industry by Averlent Corporation. These products allow patients to maintain dignity and a higher quality of life and simultaneously allow family members and providers to give the best care possible.

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