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Home Care Patient Retention

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We provide a robust solution to the industry’s patient retention problem by enabling agencies to retain “patients for life.”

Home care recipients represent a very sick population. The Department of Health and Human Services states over 85 percent of home health patients have multiple chronic conditions. In this environment of ailing individuals, home care agencies should be able to flourish by providing ongoing services when future episodes of care are required. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Independent studies show nine out of 10 home care patients will see a DIFFERENT AGENCY for their next episode of care. This inconsistency negatively impacts the patient, the patient’s family members and the agency providing the initial episode of care.

We have identified the three main issues causing the home care industry’s patient retention problem. They are: 

  • The lack of continuity in referral source home care order distribution
  • Home care’s status as a “commodity”
  • An agency’s lack of a defined patient retention plan

Each of these issue significantly contribute to an agency’s inability to achieve long-term patient relationships. Therefore, we have created a multi-faceted approach to overcoming all three of the challenges. Our solution is efficient, effective and inexpensive. So how do we solve it? Simply stated, our technology creates a perpetual link between an agency, their patients and their patients’ family members. The bond that is generated moves the agency away from a commodity and closer to that of a physician/patient relationship and results in numerous benefits for the agency. We encourage you to contact us for a COMPLIMENTARY patient retention consultation.


  • Create an Entirely New Income Stream
  • Identify and Obtain New Care Opportunities
  • Generate Long-Term Relationships with Patients’ Family Members
  • Achieve Preferred Provider Status with New Referral Sources
  • Expand Relationships with Existing Referral Sources
  • Enhance Reimbursement in the Value Based Purchasing Arena
  • Escalate CAHPS’ Scores Above the 85th Percentile