Our business

We create health care-related technology systems that fill industry voids.  One of the distinguishing aspects of our development methodology is we ensure each of our systems have separate and distinct business models.  This enables them to be used in a stand-alone capacity or in a combined manner.  The flexibility creates an unparalleled way for an individual to meet specific health care needs in a customized fashion, while simultaneously creating a material revenue stream from their use.

Our development efforts are directed at two primary categories.  Our main focus is medication management and adherence.  Our secondary focus is outreach and engagement.

We have a team of experts whose unique synergy combines to be a powerful creative force. Our multi-decade involvement in health care and technology serves as the foundation for our product development. We use this keen insight to create systems and tools that solve challenges and enhance quality of life.

Corporate philosophy

img2-1Priority: We have chosen to focus on medication management and adherence because of two main reasons.  First, the scope of the problem is vast and is directly related to the fact physicians do not provide patients medication management solutions when they write prescriptions.  Second, the industry is very fragmented, thus offering the ability for our solutions to rapidly become an industry leader.

img2-2Difference: Our job is to create a healthier population. Since no individual’s medication management needs are identical, we have developed an offering that is both comprehensive and flexible.  The key lies in our use of three separate tools: technology, hardware and people.  This diverse approach to assistance can deter virtually any medication management-related health complication.

img2-3Communication: Our company’s initial technological development focused on enhancing communication. Whereas we have significantly expanded since our founding, we continue to use outreach and engagement as a centerpiece of our firm’s output. Health care requires multiple parties to act in conjunction with one another. Our systems reflect and foster this need.

img2-4Outcomes: We are in the business of creating results! The ability to make life better for people is exceptionally rewarding. We are following our vision and improving the industry as we move forward.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop technology systems that create a healthier population.

The culture in our company is reflected in our benevolent vision.  Our creation of quality, and often life-changing products for dignified aging, proves our commitment to the mission.