Our business

imf1-0Averlent Corporation develops technological solutions that enable seniors to age with dignity.

We have a team of experts whose unique synergy combines to be a powerful creative force. Our multi-decade involvement in health care and technology serves as the foundation for our software development. Furthermore, many on our team have extensive, first-hand experience in dealing with aging relatives. This provides us an unparalleled understanding of all sides of the aging equation. We use this keen insight to create systems and tools that solve challenges and enhance quality of life.

Corporate philosophy

img2-1Priority:  Our clients are our top priority! Client satisfaction is one of the key factors that has enabled us to achieve acceptance in a very competitive industry. Our team operates under a “Whatever It Takes” approach to ensuring that we not only meet our clients’ needs, but exceed them.

img2-2Ideas:  We obtain ideas for new products from several sources. This can be externally from our clients and third parties seeking specific solutions. Ideas are also frequently generated internally by our team members. We take ideas and transform them into tremendously useful tools for our clients.

img2-3Communication:  Our company’s initial technological development focused on enhancing communication. We continue to use communication as a centerpiece of our firm’s output. Senior care requires multiple parties to act in conjunction with one another. Our systems reflect and foster this need.

img2-4Outcomes:  We are in the business of creating results! The ability to make life better for people and businesses is exceptionally rewarding. We are following our vision and improving the industry as we move forward.


Bruce, Family Member, Florida
Clive, Home Care Agency Owner, Florida

Our mission

Our mission is to create technology systems that make life better for seniors, their families and the companies rendering services to them.

The culture in our company is reflected in our benevolent vision. Our consistent creation and delivery of quality, and often life-changing products, proves our commitment to the mission. Furthermore, our corporate motto of creating “Technology for Dignified Aging” conveys the true essence of our mission to our clients and the industry.