About us?

Our niche in the industry
Our primary efforts are directed at creating technology and corresponding business models that enhance medication management and adherence.

How we do it!

Creating robust technology
Our medication management offering has three main systems. They are The Medication Manager, My Medication Station and Mobile MedNurse.

Our plan!

Industry professionals with a defined strategy
When our development efforts reach maturity, we will venture with a strategic partner for a national roll out. Our anticipated completion time line is in 2020.

We fill needs

img1Our firm was founded to fill a single void in senior care: to foster a family member’s communication with businesses providing services to their loved one. That initial vision launched our journey.  We have proudly added to our portfolio by creating what is arguably the industry’s most efficient and effective medication management offering.

img1With a defined plan to bring our completed technology to a venture partner, our offering has utility for both individuals and businesses.  A senior concerned about their medication management is a completely different environment from a home care agency’s desire to enhance their census.  Our systems have separate and distinct business models, thus strengthening the commitment we have to both entities.

img1The term “need” can often be interchangeable with the word “problem.”  Regardless of what terminology is utilized, our business is creating “solutions.”   We possess a unique combination of experience, market understanding and the vision necessary to develop technological solutions to mainstream needs and problems.

img2The robust systems we develop are both exceptionally user friendly and affordable. Furthermore, their output frequently provides life-changing benefits. Producing something with that degree of impact gives our entire team a tremendous element of satisfaction. We continue on a path to bring system users rewarding outcomes.

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